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Segal & Morel Homes
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Luxury Homes in Easton, PA

Back in 2015, Forbes published an article showcasing the most expensive luxury homes and mansions in the U.S. Not surprisingly, the prices of these homes reached upwards of nearly 200 million dollars. So it’s no surprise that when the word luxury comes to mind, some people may instantly think of the excessively rich and famous or maybe even recent lottery winners. Truthfully, however, you don’t have to make millions and billions of dollars a year to experience great living. In business since 1960, Segal & Morel, Inc. offers you a healthy collection of luxury homes that won’t break the bank.

A Perfect Place to Start a Family

Townhomes are known for being quaint yet adequately spacious. And for that reason, among a host of others, some young families tend to choose them as a starting point to home ownership. There’s nothing wrong with going this route. However, there are several reasons why our single family homes are also great options for new home buyers.

A Sense of Community

The detached element of our single-family homes will give you an extra sense of privacy and ownership. Our luxury homes also offer you the opportunity for a sense of community and convenience. Community amenities available include tennis courts, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a clubhouse, walking trails, and a swimming pool. We also provide customizable options that will allow you to have more of a say in the final outcome of your new home.

What About the Environment?

Not only are our luxury homes customizable and attractive, we also provide great opportunities for those who are interested in protecting the environment. Along with possessing a space that is comfortable, safe, and attractive, your home can also feature elements that focus on energy efficiency, water efficiency, and air quality. Even the outdoor landscaping will be implemented with consideration for the environment, by only containing plants that are suitable for the particular environment.

Contrary to what you may have thought before, you can live well without breaking the bank. At Segal & Morel, Inc. we build luxury homes that are customizable, attractive, Green, and more importantly, affordable.